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We are not your average Brisbane marketing agency

We all know that strategic fundamentals rely on gathering, analysing and executing information to best suit the situation around us, and we make strategic decisions based upon what we see, hear and understand.  In short 99.9% of marketing services / agencies are slaved to data and don’t have the experience, ability or courage to set a sales strategy or make a decision without monstrous amounts of market data (which they will make you pay for).

HowToSellBS knows that we never have enough information, don’t we? We get paralysed by not having enough information, and equally freeze and get lost if we have too much and nothing ever happens. Sound familiar? Control in the current marketing environment is an illusions as dynamics and variables change so frequently that by the time you decide to act it is too late. We only see and control tiny elements out of the vast amounts of information available to us at any given time. Sun Tzu believed that control is the infrequent and misleading exception and chaos is the larger reality, and realising this is where advantage lies.

At HowToSellBS we work with you to set marketing strategies, campaigns and actions which best suit your situation and work to achieve these outcomes.  We work of the theory if data and research doesn’t fit on one page you need to simplify.  We act, we win and we know how to sell and how to market a company and brand. 

Sales strategies for success. HowToSellBS is a specialist marketing agency with a flair for selling, SEO and marketing services.

Below is a sample of HowToSellBS works with its clients to win

Creating a simple approach

The key factors for any successful sales and marketing activity; what are we trying to achieve, market competition and environment, market drivers, define competitive offering, methods for success.

The challenge

Successful sales and marketing strategies requires winning small decisive engagements quickly.  How can we best limit the cost of competition and put forth our best efforts to defeat market competition at the right time and in the right areas?

The plan of attack

Taken from Sun Tzu’s the ‘Art of War’ (we can learn a lot from this in sales and marketing), a plan of attack consists of; Attack, Strategy, Alliances, Army, and Cities. Look for the strategies that prove most beneficial by using your intelligence and competitive advantage.


Use the best position and tactics in relation to the environment and the competition. Where it is clear that your opponent has failed to adequately prepare for the situation, strike fast if they let a door open.

Working the business

The market situation will constantly evolve so must your strategies, tactics and organisational stakeholders. How to we get everyone motivated towards the objective and keep them nibble enough to roll with the punches? If your business and stakeholders aren’t engaged how can the customer be?

Go for the throat

Attack the right markets at the right time with the right weapons.  In marketing this is critical and finding this balance of approach and application of resources is where HowToSellBS will make your sales and marketing campaigns a success.

Street smart sales and marketing

We have a black belt in bullshit

It’s always a good time to review your sales and marketing activities. Communicating well with your customers, and engaging with them, will always boost sales—fact. HowToSellBS has a proven track record in developing effective marketing and sales strategies for a wide range of businesses, including websites, advertising and promotional material, sales training and market engagement strategies, social media campaigns, email marketing, and all manner of awesome BS.

Sun Tzu

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.”

What Sun Tzu is saying, is backward plan your marketing – define what success looks like and how you’re going to get there, up front.  HowToSellBS will support you and your business through this process.


The team at HowToSellBS invest a lot of time in getting to know our the businesses we work with, their brand and from day one created positive change and ideas into something way beyond our original vision

Nick Barnsdall
Managing Director - Global Management & Consulting

Robert and the HowToSellBS team took our business online and helped us compete in the digital space. Our enquiry shot up after only a couple of months and they delivered what they promised.

Michael Smith
Product Manager - Direction Plus

Marketing services

The team at HowToSellBS offers a full range of marketing services and functions.  Marketing strategy, design, branding, public relations, website development, creative content, campaigns and more.

As many businesses have learned the hard way, what works in traditional print marketing, does not work as well (or at all) on the Web or social media – and vice versa.  At HowToSellBS we marry up the traditional with the new, taking the best from both schools.

Sales strategy and consultancy

We employ leading sales technologies and techniques to accelerate sales team and leader performance in competitive markets.  It’s not good enough to tell people what they are doing wrong – you need to give them new skills. Where typical consulting and training breaks down is where we excel.

SEO - Search engine optimisation

While getting to page one of Google is a primary objective, HowToSellBS takes pride in the fact that we go to great lengths to actually improve our clients’ websites, instead of only improving the way they are perceived by search engines.  Also we put great focus onto creating enquiry and making the phones ring.  It is a global search optimisation approach.

Change management

Organisations must be able to nimbly respond to internal changes and external trends and threats.  This is a difficult and critical competency that affects an organisation’s ability to continually evolve and improve.  Changes to strategic direction, operational structures, processes, technologies, or culture require direct action with everyone working towards success. 

Every problem has a solution

The HowToSellBS team are able to offer a number of services to help you rapidly grow your business. Our expertise covers a wide range of business needs, particularly in the digital realm, all of which are driven by first understanding your specific needs and then tailoring a custom solution designed to produce the greatest results in the shortest period of time.


Where to get to us?

Sunnybank, Brisbane Australia
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